May 27, 2020

What this blog is...

What this blog is...

My earliest memory of a computer was when I was 5 years old. My father had purchased Tonka Construction for me to play on our new Hewlett Packard computer. Each day I'd come home from school and mess around with all the cool construction trucks for an hour, loving every minute of it.

In 3rd grade, I was invited by a friend to join him after school to check out a new computer club. One of our favorite teachers, Mr. Kirk, was running it and I had never had the opportunity to mess with a computer before. At this point, I'd moved past Tonka Construction and moved onto games like Age of Empires, but never really did I get to understand what a computer was, or what it really could do. On that day, Mr. Kirk helped the class open some old, beige towers, explaining which internals were the motherboard, hard drive, and power supply. Each part we pulled out received an explanation of their functions and I was hooked.

I began making it a point to be the computer guy. I learned what I could about hardware, keeping up with the latest trends and exploring the ever growing wave of computers. New technology would come out and I would have to learn it.

I learned what the difference between Windows and Linux was when I was 15, downloading distro after distro to understand the differences and exploring what possibilities maybe lurking around each and every corner.

Today, I still find myself excited to learn new things. Learning has become something of a hobby of mine that Ill never be able to satiate. The only problem is, there's so much to learn and only so much a person can learn at once, or retain for a lengthy period of time. And that's what this blog is!

Its a record of what I do know and what I will learn in the years to come. Here, I intend to share all that I have learned to give back to the community that has given me so much as well as continue to learn as new things emerge. The focus is security, privacy, and technology, covering tutorials and uncovering news in each area, best practices and more!

I truly look forward to all that we will learn, together, as we dive into the wire.